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Role play exercises for assessment centers

The use of exercises in assessment centers

How to make an assessment center into a real experience with role play exercises that use the same scenario and context

We offer a large variety of role play exercises .  These are behavioral exercises that complete our online in-baskets (or in-trays).  The best exercises are those that feel real to your candidates. That is why we create complete assessment “day in the life platforms”. This means:

  • the scenario/context is the same during all simulations and role plays
  • the candidate has the same job in all our (on line) simulations and role plays
  • our role plays have the context as our on line simulations.

With all of our role play exercises you will get:

  • extensive information about the scenario
  • instructions for candidates
  • instructions for the actors,
  • (including briefs/prompts to evoke behavior on each dimension)
  • scoring forms for all dimensions.

We offer complete kits that supplement our Highlight and Lakeview Online simulations.  Some of the dimensions:

role playProblem Analysis
Motivating people
Planning and Organization
Self control

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