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Planning skills are essential for teamleaders and supervisors

Lakeview, is the online in-basket for the assessment of planning skills

Does your (future) manager or team leader need to make schedules or be a great planner? With the Lakeview in-basket exercise you know within the hour if he or she:
planning skills

  • has excellent planning skills
  • delegates to the right people
  • focuses on the right priorities and
  • has a general overview.

Lakeview is the right in-basket simulation if there is a need to assess the planning and organizational skills of employees. Lakeview is an in-basket exercise in which the candidate processes a large number of memos and letters within a short time.

Strengths of Lakeview:

  • reliable measurement of planning and organizing skills
  • information about the ability to set priorities
  • different norm groups
  • fully automated
  • quick online scoring of results
  • simple operation.

See the Lakeview report

You can use our in basket and assess planning skills today! Send us a mail …